Feline Support

Canine Support

To Relieve Subtle Daily Stresses


The stress of traveling or moving to a new location often puts pressures on our pets that we as human don't readily recognize. Subtle changes like increased noise levels from nearby construction, loud pop's during 4th of July parties or even the simplest change in weather and temperature can cause our pets increased level of stress.

The health and vitality of an animal depend on a delicate balance of cellular activities and oxygen metabolism. This delicate balance is particularly important if an animal's environment becomes stressful. Stress disrupts normal cell activities. Stress can 'open the door' for infection and illness, which in turn further depletes vital reserves and weakens a pets' immune response capability.

Canine Support™ & Feline Support™ were specially formulated with IsoSproutplex™ to reduce the free radical damage from stress and to provide your pet with most natural 'Whole Live Food' antioxidant enzyme protection available today.

Studies have shown that the key active enzyme ingredient, IsoSproutPlex™ can reduce inflammation caused by canine hip dysphasia and its associated canine arthritis. In addition, IsoSproutPlex™, was originally developed to combat the devastating effects of feline leukemia.

Product Size

Retail Price

30 Tablets


  1. Preventative Use: 1 tablet daily; 1/2 hour before anticipated stress.
  2. Maintenance Use: 1 tablet twice daily; until first response. Thereafter: 1 tablet daily
  3. Feeding: Best when given 1/2 hour before meals or between meals. Tablet may be crushed with a mouthful of food. Peanut butter or tuna is sometimes useful.
  4. Each individual pet is unique. Some are more toxic and have longer standing health concerns than others. The number of tablets that you use depends on the pet's individual needs. Your servings will change as their body condition changes.
  5. In some cases its advisable to double or triple the initial dosage for faster results.
  6. Reminder: Our products work nutritionally and are not stimulants. Any results are nutritional and in no way meant to imply that you should not see a doctor or veterinarian.

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