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In July of 1992 we found our dog (a golden retriever/Lab mix) named "Teddy Bear" could not hold up his hind quarters. We took him to our veterinarian and found he had "Hip dysplasia". This is a deteriorating arthritis condition that requires surgery or cortisone shots.

The surgery could cost thousands of dollars and may give him a few more years of life. We felt we could not afford the surgery. He continued to deteriorate have ulcerations around his hip joints and stomach area.

We felt it was time to have him put to sleep so he would not suffer any longer. We called the veterinarian to make arrangements to bring "Teddy" in. Knowing this would be difficult for our family, the doctor recommended we try Biovet's Pet Antioxidant Wafers" to see if it would help him to live comfortably. He suggested trying it for a week and if we did not see any improvements, then put him sleep.

Within a week we noticed the ulcers clearing up and Teddy was walking around. The second week he was running once again. After 6 years he is still running and enjoying life. We are very thankful for a product that helped extend the life of our pet.

Thank you, Ellen Barnett, Lancaster, CA.

As you know I tracked down your organization because of the incredible improvement of my cat, Round Eyes. I am happy to tell you what occurred. In September of this year, I found him curled up on the grass and not responding to my calls. At first I thought he was dying, but when I put his food next to him, he ate. I decided to get a diagnosis so we went to the vet.

The vet x-rayed him and examined him thoroughly. Never mind the cost of this! He told me that Round Eyes had arthritis, osteoporosis and some calcification along his spine. He said movement would be difficult, painful and limited. This is something I could observe. Round Eyes had been slowing down for some time. Before he stopped, except for some pretty wobbly walking, he had ceased running and jumping. At fifteen years old, living his life in my back yard, I figured that he was not going to be around much longer.

Now it looks like I was wrong. The vet prescribed your product, DISMUTASE™ one tablet a day plus two baby aspirin a week. Round Eyes is a different cat. Not only can he run and jump again, something he hadn't done for some time, but his coat is much thicker, he barely sheds, and he has gained a significant amount of weight. He looked like the feline equivalent of a little old man. Now he actually looks better than he did in his prime. I am astonished.

When I spoke with you, I found you make a similar products for people. Having observed the resurrection of the cat, I plan to take it on general principle. In addition, I will not hesitate to suggest it to people actually suffering from degenerative joint disease.

Laura T. Arasmo, R.N., St. Petersburg, FL

JULY 30, 1997

My name is Tuff E. Nuff. I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback and I'll soon be nine years old. My hobbies are hunting playing ball and running,- fast. I live in Ardmore, Oklahoma with my people Betty and Bren Gila. They really take good care of me and I watch out for them! We all love each other very much.

Then one day about two and a half months ago my leg started hurting really bad! I had to hold it up when I walked, believe me that's not easy! My people took me to the vet. After a check-up and x-rays , I was diagnosed with probable 'bone cancer' in the upper portion of my right front leg. I say probable because my people decided against a biopsy since it meant drilling a hole in the bone.

After studying my x-rays, Doc Said that "he, and three of his colleagues, all agreed that I had bone cancer." Doc then said, that amputation (ouch) might be an option. Now my Doc is really a great guy, with my best interest at heart, but this just didn't sound like something I was going to enjoy! The other option-- give me lots of love, aspirin for inflammation, pain pills when necessary and keep me as comfortable as possible -- -until! I wasn't sure what "until" meant but I could see the whole thing was making my lady cry and my man look awfully sad.

The next day I heard my lady say that she was getting me some antioxidants. She bought 'Biovet Antioxidant Petwafers' from your company and started me on three a day, along with only pure water from our reverse osmosis system. I was also getting aspirin for inflammation.

By this time I was really feeling bad. I knew I was really sick! All I could do was lay on my rug. Sleeping-a-lot, not eating much. Some days I could barely raise my head up. I did try to keep up the spirits of my people by thumping my 'tail' on the floor once in awhile. I could tell they were really sad and discouraged and I knew they were praying for me.

Then my lady said "Tuff, we're not giving up! We're going to fight back". So, they started giving me six (6) antioxidants wafers a day. Two each morning, noon and night.

Well folks, would you believe it! I slowly started feeling better! Started eating again and drinking more water. Even got the old sparkle back in my eyes. My people were so excited!

Today, 30 days later, I went back to my vet and he took more x-rays. Guess what guys!! Doc said he saw nothing but good news! Clean as a whistle! Didn't even look like the same old bone! Doc said in all of his years of being a vet he had never seen a case of bone cancer disappear! Disappear! He was amazed and thrilled. My lady asked him if he still believed it was cancer we had been dealing with. His answer was, "I do not have a biopsy to back me up but I do believe in my heart of hearts that it was cancer. I truly do"!

I was one sick pup but now I'm feeling great! Back to playing ball and running. Can't go hunting until fall but I'm sure I'll be ready. I hear my people saying something about me being "spoiled" now, but they have a big smile on their faces when they say it, so I guess its not too serious.

So thanks a lot for a great product my friends. I really believe it saved my life!

Tuff E. Nuff, Ardmore, OK


It has been about a month, now, since we bought some BIOVET Pet Antioxidant Wafers at "America's Family Pet Show", and started our oldest dog, Summer, on daily doses.

Summer is a 12 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever who's life has been one of proud service to Guide Dogs of America, as a brood bitch generating 5 very successful litters prior to retiring about 5 years ago.

After her retirement, Summer became our pet (and the love of my life) with all of the privileges afforded to the Alpha Dog in a family with as many as 5 dogs living with us at a time (plus 2 cats and 4 desert tortoises). However, as Summer aged, she like many other large dogs her age developed serious arthritis, especially at her elbows and shoulders. She often had difficulty raising herself from the floor and frequently walked with a very visible, heart wrenching, limp.

Being the eldest of the 5 dogs living in our home, she wanted to be active, but it hurt too much. We started her on Biovet and within a week, Summer was able to raise herself from the floor with less difficulty. It's now been a month, we have finished our first bottle of tablets, and Summer now gets up and runs with the rest of the dogs, she seldom limps, and has her beautiful puppy" sparkle back in her eyes.

I don't know how much longer Summer will be with us, but I am thrilled that her remaining days will be so very much more comfortable, because of Biovet Pet Antioxidant Wafers.

Fred M. Estrin / Indio, CA

Dear Biovet,

Our 8 1/2 year old German Shepard developed dysphasia in October, 1996. We put him on medication and when that didn't work to help his condition, we gave him veterinarian administered steroids to build up his leg muscles. Unfortunately, the steroids damaged his liver and he became very ill in February, 1997.

We met the BIOVET rep at the 'Pet Expo in Pomona' in April or 1997. At that time we began giving 2 of the wafers to our dog daily. Those along with a multi-vitamin, a low protein diet, exercise, and lots of love seem to be helping him.

He is now walking a lot better. On May 25, 1997 he was given a liver test which showed his liver to be almost normal.

Our vet read the ingredients of the BIOVET Pet Antioxidant Wafers and seemed to be very pleased with them. It was the first time she had encountered your product and feels that it, along with the other things we've been doing for him, have vastly improved his health.

Esterly Colton, Sherman Oaks, CA

This letter is to inform you of the success I have experienced with your Pet Antioxidant Wafers.

In October of 1993, my 3 year old male Dalmatian "Shotgun" had to have emergency surgery for a blockage due to urinary stones. At that time, the vet prescribed two medications and a special food that Shotgun would be required to take for the remainder of his years. The medication was in tablet form and not tempting to my dog I would have to wrap them in some sort of treat and bribe him to take them.

I had his urine tested every two months for one year after his surgery. There continued to be a trace of crystals present in his urine, even while taking the medications and special food.

At that time, I discontinued the medications and began giving him 6 DISMUTASE; each day, as a "special" treat. He loved the taste and would perform all sorts of tricks for them each day. After 8 months of 6 tablets each day, as well as his special dog food, I had his urine tested again. The test was completely clear, with no trace of crystals. We plan to continue treating him to the your pet antioxidants for the rest of his years.

Kristina A. Clifford, Spokane, WA.

Dear Biovet,

My name is Karen Van Heopen and I was a technician at Malibu Veterinary Clinic in California. I have 2 dogs, one 4 yr. old male Boxer, and a 9 yr. old female.

My male has severe arthritis of the spine and severe hip dysplasia. He has difficulty getting up and at one point he stopped eating due to the pain. As surgery is not an option for me, I had to come up with another solution. I am not keen on steroid or anti-inflammatory drugs, so I needed to find something that was strong enough (not in the steroid class), to combat the pain he was experiencing.

My female is getting old and also has some stiffness due to old injuries. Now and then they flare up, leaving her is so much pain, she can only hobble on three legs.

I was introduced to you product, the BIOVET Pet Antioxidant Wafer and decided to give them a try. What a difference this product has made to my dogs. My male now runs around, jumps, goes on long walks with me while I ride my horse and I hardly notice any stiffness in his gaits. He has become a happy dog once again. My female does experience certain episodes of lameness, however, then I increase her dosage slightly and give her 1 or 2 more wafers and she seems to recover quickly. Most of the time a nagging front lameness that she has always experienced has completely disappeared.

As you know, I am moving to Switzerland and am very anxious to continue this product so my dogs can continue to live a life "Free of Pain".

I am very impressed with your products and I feel that a lot of pets can benefit from them. I have now started my horse on the Dismutase Granular formula after a severe injury she sustained do to hitting a fence. She is on the road to recovery and displaying new mobility every day.

Karen Van Heopen, Switzerland

I want tell you of my experience using Biovet's "Dismutase." Please understand that I gain no financial profit from Agrigenic. I simply think that they produce a quality product with substantial benefits. We have two Airedale Terriers: - Sandy; (a 11 year-old bitch) George; (8 I/2 year old male; champion, owner bred-groomer-handled).

About 6 years ago, Sandy developed a very noticeable limp that got progressively worse. X-rays revealed hip dysphasia. I took Sandy and her x-rays to a veterinary specialist who said the hip dysphasia was so severe that she would need a hip replacement soon. My preference is to explore all alternatives (as fast as possible) before any surgery.

As a breeder, I had received some information from Biovet. The packet included decent scientific information concerning the chemistry of antioxidants and a pamphlet that included testimonials from various veterinarians. They claimed to have significant success in treating/reversing hip dysplasia through use of their product. The product was made from sprouts designed to provide the maximum amount of enzymes. Despite my skepticism, I decided to send for the product.

After one week, Sandy no longer limped. And she has not limped since then. She has been on your antioxidant enzymes every day since 1990. (I also give the product to George. The only clinical sign of dysplasia is that she gets up from the ground (or the sofa) a little slowly.

X-rays since that time (for other reasons than hip dysphasia) show that she has arthritis. But it does not slow her down, nor does she exhibit any signs of pain. She walks strongly, with no limp, and is ever-ready to pursue a squirrel or run to me for a treat.

I know that testimonial evidence fails strict scientific testing criteria. And I appreciate that the scientific community is hesitant to endorse products on the basis of testimonials. However, the dearth of research does not invalidate the effectiveness of the product. I, too, am skeptical of untested claims. I know that some people are helped medically even when the placebo effect is at work. However, you cannot "bullshit" a dog, to put it in plain language!

I share my experience with you in the hope that it will sometime and somehow be of benefit to other dogs and their owners.

Elizabeth Mug-Morrill, Fort Myers, FL.

Recently, we tried Biovet's Dismutase Granules in a nine-year old, 95 pound female Mastiff cross, who had severe pain in the rear quarters. Due to her age and the reluctance to anesthetize for pelvic radiographs, we opted to treat based on the history and our own physical examination which supported pelvic arthritis. She was placed on one teaspoon of the granules daily. They were mixed in a small amount of honey. The dog is now able to move about in a normal manner without apparent pain, and the owner is very satisfied.

This product obviously works and it does so at the cellular level, by applying sufficient enzyme action to reduce the Superoxide radical. A second advantage live enzymes offer over other anti-inflammatory drugs is that it is not a drug, it is all natural and it has no side affects. We plan to continue the incorporation of Biovet's products into our treatment protocol as a means of reducing pain and increasing the quality of life to those patients suffering from arthritis.

Clyde Brooks, DVM, Mtn.View Veterinary Hospital

We used Biovet's antioxidant granules on a 3-year old Arabian Mare and were amazed with the results. The complete and speedy recovery of the indications were previously only accomplished by the use of steroids. We observed the following improvements:

The Mare's fetlock was swollen so severely, I was afraid it was broken. Your enzyme granules was the only treatment given, and in a matter of three days the pain and inflammation had subsided! In addition, there was a severe laceration on her croup which I felt required suturing, but this particular Mare is extremely "needle shy". I consulted with Dr. David Randall who recommended we continue administering the granules. By the 8th day the wound was completely healed! Four weeks later, there were no visible signs that any injury had occurred.

Biovet's antioxidant granular formula promises to be a profitable addition to the equine industry. It seems these antioxidant enzymes can be a major tool for the large animal industry in the cure and prevention of a wide range of indications.

Anita Martindale, Owner/Lely Stable

We use Dismutase granules to treat Java - Java. Though it's only been a short time, I can see a real difference in Java. He is already looking much more comfortable and freer in the gaits. Since he is seventeen, and has a pretty tough demanding career, I was thrilled when Basho told me about your product. This will be his last season at this discipline, and then his job will be occasional jumper shows.

Dinah Hoyt Taylor, Little Stone Cottage Farm

Fracture Disease
In cases where old fractures have left dogs lame, we have used Dismutase to encourage use of the leg and found it to be very beneficial.

Lumbar Arthritis
In two large dogs with complete fusion of all lumbar vertebra, Dismutase has greatly benefited the comfort of these animals. The owner of a basset hound with this condition was seriously contemplating euthanasia but now is very happy with her decision to use Dismutase. This dog totally down and in severe pain is now a functional happy pet. She has been on Dismutase 6 months.

Cervical Arthritis
In a Chihuahua, Dismutase was effective in relieving pain associated with what appears radio graphically as a fusion of several cervical vertebra.

Disc Syndrome
Dismutase has been used recently in two cases to reduce pain in lumbar disc syndrome. Both dogs were small and made the response with Dismutase alone as we had seen when dexamethazone was used.

Carpal Arthritis
An 80 pound, 9 year old female Doberman had received an injury to her left foreleg approximately two years previous to our seeing her. She cried in pain and would not walk. A radiograph of the leg revealed severe osteo-arthritis of the carpal bones. She was placed on Dismutase and was walking the next day and apparently without pain. She was continued on Dismutase on a reasonably consistent basis over the next year and a half without any side effects.

Coxofemral Arthritis and Hip Dysphasia
Dismutase has been used in many cases of osteoarthritis of the hip joint with very favorable results.



We have been using Biovet's Dismutase for several years and along with our clients, have been very satisfied with the results. Although not a panacea for all forms of arthritis, we have seen it help in the great majority of cases where arthritis of some form has been the diagnosis. The usual response time is 4-5 days, although we have seen some dramatic 1 day turn-around.

Dr. Clyde B. Brooks, DVM

12 year old Dachshund-Severe bursitis in both front shoulders. Hurts when trying to get up or going down stairs. Has been on 1 DISMUTASE twice daily for the last 3 months and doing nicely.

Pom-cross-Very severe spondylitis with curvature and alkalosis of spine. We maintained the dog on 1 DISMUTASE, twice a day until she was 16 years old. Therapy was for 4 to 5 years.

10 year old Sheltie-Spondylitis-Very painful on getting up or going up and down stairs. Maintained her on 1 DISMUTASE. twice daily until 14 years old, at which time she had kidney failure.

Muscle-Skeletal Decline
Golden retriever, 9 years old-weight l00 Lbs. Could not climb steps and was having trouble getting up. After using initial dose of 2 DISMUTASE-twice daily, reduced to 1-twice daily and was able to maintain dog well until death.

Two St. Bernard's-average weight, 200 Lbs. Both had grade 4 hip dysphasia. Both dogs received 3 DISMUTASE twice daily for the last 4 years. If missed giving for longer than 2 days, they could not get up and walk without help. Got along quite well on DISMUTASE. We tried 2,000 units S.O.D. but did not work.

Chronic Arthritis
Border Collie mix-10 years old. Could not stand on back legs. Right leg had atrophied and the dog had not put weight on it for two years. Gave DISMUTASE twice daily. In two days dog was up and walking. In one week dog was putting weight on the leg he had not used in two years.

Canine Lymphoma
4 yr. old Bull mastiff, Babe, treated at Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine with adrianycin. Side effects included anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea. Babe was given 4 DISMUTASE twice daily at our hospital, and in two days all symptoms disappeared. Before and during the next treatment, given here, she was again put on 4 DISMUTASE twice daily; no side effects were noted. For her third treatment, she was again taken to Purdue for reevaluation and treatment; no DISMUTASE pre or post treatment. Again she developed the same symptoms as first seen. The last two treatments were given here, using pre and post DISMUTASE. No side effects developed. The doctor in charge of her at Purdue said Babe lived about 2 years longer than usual with this disease in the stage when first seen.

Dr. Floyd Johnson, DVM

Feline U.R.I.
During March 1988 we treated a year old male Siamese. He suffered with chronic and severe upper respiratory symptoms, diagnosed as the aftermath of a strep infection he contracted a year earlier while a patient at the University of Georgia for an intestinal virus. He has spent most of his life on antibiotics, primarily Geocillin. He was placed on DMG; his symptoms continued and the use of antibiotics continued.

During January 1989 we started two Feline Support per day. Use of the DMG was also continued. Within two months he was symptom free, reduced to one Feline Support per day, and off antibiotics. Continuation of DMG was found to be essential as well.

Feline Bronchitis
During May 1988, we treated a 6-week old kitten suffering from smoke inhalation in a house fire. The kitten survived but was left with bronchial symptoms. The bronchial symptoms subsided with antibiotics, but returned within a few days when antibiotics were stopped.

During September 1988, started on DMG and one DISMUTASE daily. Symptoms continued until one FELINE SUPPORT was added to her daily regimen, after which she stayed symptom free. Again, DMG was found to be essential for maintenance.

Feline Fading Syndrome
An 11-year-old DLH clinic cat, after a course of treatment with Fulvicin, developed enlarged Lymph glands. He was extremely lethargic. On 2/8/89 he was started on two DISMUTASE and two FELINE SUPPORT daily and then reduced to one each daily. By May he was symptom free and acting like a younger, healthy cat. During the middle of June, we stopped the FELINE SUPPORT but continued the DISMUTASE. Within one week the cats behavior again became quite lethargic, with no other symptoms of illness. Back on the FELINE SUPPORT for 3 days, he became more active and his behavior returned to its previous level.

Canine Hypothyroidism
Dr. Tilghman's 18-month old Akita bitch who was being treated for thyroid problems and was responding well on CANINE SUPPORT, underwent a spay in late pregnancy. She went into kidney and liver failure and did not respond to treatment. (She could not take anything orally so was not on CANINE SUPPORT during this last bout.)

The doctor feels that the CANINE SUPPORT did more for this animal than anything else. Until the surgery she was doing better than she had done in her adult life, was well enough to show, and Dr. Tilghman credited the CANINE SUPPORT for that improvement.

On CANINE SUPPORT the animal's behavior became more animated. Her appetite increased considerably. Kikko gained weight and the condition of her coat improved. As you will note, the RBC increased and the WBC decreased with the administration of the CANINE SUPPORT. Kidney and liver values dropped.

Dr. Michelle Tilghman, DVM

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