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Stress promotes the formation of 'Free Radicals' that damage the body's tissues, especially cell membranes. Researchers estimate that stress contributes to as much as 80% of all major illnesses. It 'opens the door' for infection and further depletes vital reserves of the body weakening the immune response capability.

Thus 'Stress' creates and excellent breeding ground for illness. Your health depends on a delicate balance of cellular activities and oxygen metabolism. SOD/CAT™ is specially formulated to provide the most effective nutritional supplement to counter the effects of daily stresses.

SOD/CAT™ can benefit everyone. They are safe at any level and can be taken everyday.

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Accelerated aging, soreness of joints and everyday exhaustion have a common link called 'free radicals'. Free radicals are toxic wastes left behind as the body creates energy from food and air.

Although free radicals are the by-product of natural process, they are harmful to the a body if allowed to accumulate. A healthy body produces enzymes that are called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase. Their sole purpose is to protect the body's health and preserve its energy by eliminating Free Radicals.

The body's production of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase is critically linked to proper nutrition. Unfortunately, today's foods are so over processed and nutritionally poor that along with failing to support the body's natural enzyme production, they sometimes contribute more to the problem than to its solution.

The resulting accumulation of free radicals contributes to aging, soreness of joints, and depletion of the body's natural energy.

Although symptoms of disease should be diagnosed immediately by a physician, many problems are related to nutritional deficiencies. Proper nutrition enhances the body's natural ability to combat pain by supporting the production of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase, the enzymes whose purpose it is to flush toxic wastes from the body. After giving SOD to 200 Joint-pain sufferers, Dr. Knud Lund Olsen of Ringe City Hospital in Denmark stated, "This is a real breakthrough. Many conditions that we thought of as diseases are really dietary deficiencies."

Individuals taking Anti-Stress Enzymes report an enhanced feeling of well-being. They note changes in their physical performance as well. Increased flexibility and freedom from pain contribute to a relaxed body and help create a health and active new life.

  1. Suggested Dosage: We recommend starting with 6 to 8 tablets per day upon arising. TAKE WITH WATER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH AT LEAST ONE HALF HOUR BEFORE BREAKFAST. After a favorable response is achieved, you can maintain the same results with 2 to 4 tablets per day. Water is important; drink at least 8 glasses per day.
  2. Each individual is unique. Some people are more toxic and have longer standing health concerns than others. The number of tablets that you use depends on your own unique individual needs. Your servings will change as your body condition changes.
  3. In some cases its advisable to double or triple the initial dosage for faster results.
  4. Since our product is a whole food and works nutritionally, we recommend a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low in fats and sugar. Other factors that can affect your body's condition are daily mental and emotional poise, fresh water and air, adequate sleep and regular exercise.
  5. Reminder: These tablets are whole foods made from enzyme rich sprouts. Our products work nutritionally and are not stimulants. Any results are nutritional and in no way mean to imply that you should not see a doctor.

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